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Staff Information

Support Staff

Staff Role
Marilyn Ashby Office Manager/Enrolments
Hali Balfoort Homestay Manager
Vivienne Benning Absence Database Manager
Jenny Carroll Library Manager
Wendy Caseley STAR/Gateway Assistant
Mandy Chen Intl Student Administrator
Lisa Duggan Teacher Aide
Maree Foster Financial Manager
Alys Freeman Business Manager
Ann Gilbert Principal's PA
Murray Gregory Senior IT Technician
Lotus Hattersley Deans Assistant
Maria Hill Teacher Aide
Carolyn Kirkpatrick   Sports Director
Karen Knell Student Administrator
Esme Knoetze Teacher Aide
Stephanie Lee Technology Technician
Leanne Marshall Science Technician
Paul Maskill Arts Coordinator
April McLaughlan Sports Coordinator
Valentina Milekic Teacher Aide
Vhairi Miles Librarian
Mark Nash Property Manager
Jo Neal Learning Support Coordinator
Silika Paget Groundskeeper
David Short Asst Groundsman
Lorraine Stafford Office Administrator
Gail Stairs Print Coordinator
Heather Twigg International Manager
Sue Way IT Services Director


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