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Annabel Langbein

1971 – 1974

For  transforming her talent for innovative cooking and her passion for healthy ingredients  into a highly successful business both in New Zealand and overseas.


Annabel Langbein is recognised as one of New Zealand's most creative culinary figures. Annabel has worked extensively as a food writer and televison chef.
Her entry to food writing started in 1984 with a fortnightly column for the NZ Listener magazine. She was a feature writer for Cuisine magazine for 11 years and food editor for Grace magazine. She has worked regularly on television as a food presenter since 1990, and continues to host a weekly radio talkback food show.

The author of eight top-selling food books, Annabel has published her books internationally in nine languages. She is also winner of many NZ food writing awards. Her book "The Best of Annabel Langbein- Great Food for Busy Lives" won the 1999 NZ Guild of Foodwriters "Recipe Book of the Year" and has sold more than ½ a million copies internationally. Savour the Pacific, which has also been successfully published on the international market, won the "Best Photography in the World" Award at the World Cookbook Awards in Perigueux, France, and a Ladle at the World Food Media Awards in 2001. She now devotes her time to writing and publishing and looking after her young family.

Annabel Langbein's food is a lovely reflection of her warm, outgoing personality and simple, gracious approach to hospitality. She has an intuitive sense of what busy people need and want these days … interesting, uncomplicated dishes that are fresh, flavourful and easily accomplished. Her recipes celebrate a healthy, wholesome New Zealand way of living, all with style, resourcefulness and creativity. Her cookbooks feature innovative, exciting ideas, appealing to both professional and home cooks alike.

Annabel Langbein is a remarkable chef and teacher. The generosity of her spirit is reflected not just in this impressive collection of recipes but also the hundreds of helpful suggestions and hints that are sprinkled throughout the book.