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Beverley Randell

WGC 1944 – 1948

For her part in creating and publishing an internationally successful series of books for children learning to read, combining sound research with the skill of writing satisfying stories.


1931: Beverley was born in Wellington
 1944-1948: Wellington Girl’s College
 1946: Passed school Certificate ( A new examination that year.)
 1947: Achieved  University Entrance through internal assessment (the first year it was internally assessed) 
 1948: Became a prefect
 1950-1951: Attended Teacher’s College
 1953-1956: Began teaching at primary schools in the Wellington district.
 1957- Taught in London
 1958- Taught at Okaramio in Marlborough

 While teaching, Beverley realised that there was a lack of interesting stories to help young readers who found reading difficult. She started to write stories which young children would find enjoyable and exciting, and which would help them to read.  What began as a dining-room table effort by two husband and wife teams, the Price’s, (Beverley and her husband Hugh), and  their friends the Milburn's, led to the establishment of Price Milburn, a respected and highly successful publisher of children’s books. Price Milburn was founded in 1958. In the 1980’s the company was sold  to an Australian publisher. It  was then taken over by an American firm.
 Price Milburn books are translated into many languages and are read in many countries including Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Denmark.Total book sales are uncountable but estimated to be over 200 million.
 In 2004 Beverley was made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to Children’s Literature and Education.In 2005 Beverley was awarded the Ordre National du Mérite by the Government of France for promoting ties between New Zealand and France.