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Glenda Hughes

1963 – 1966


Glenda has turned her love of sports, and her communication and organisational skills into a successful public relations business that has influenced and inspired many sportsmen and women.

  A former sportswoman, Glenda is a National Championship shot-put record holder, a Commonwealth Games Representative and holder of four New Zealand power lifting records. She has worked with the NZ Olympic Games Committee and is still involved in sport as an advisor to many of our top athletes, in media relations and other management support programmes. 

  She established her own media consultancy company  in 1988 and has been an advisor to many top athletes, including Bernice Mene, Danyon Loader and Mark Todd.
  Glenda Hughes attended Wellington Girls’ College between 1963 and 1966. Throughout attending Wellington Girls College, Glenda distinguished herself in shot-put. In 1966, she received an award for academic excellence. 

  Glenda Hughes has been described as a strong, fearless and independent thinker who chases her goals of professionalism and principles without favour.