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Meena Chhagan

1998 - 2002
Before embarking on the adventure of ‘The Apprentice’, Meena was an accountant for Ernest and Young in Wellington and jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the New Zealand version of the Apprentice.  Meena knew that this would challenge her and that she would learn a lot from the experience.  Unfortunately Meena didn’t make it all the way.  Since leaving the apprentice, she took some time out, travelling to Ireland to complete a project.

  Meena is a very sporty person.  She is a fan of Hockey, Snowboarding and cricket.  These sports give her a chance to show her competitive streak. In fact, whilst she at WGC, Meena became the captain of the 1st XI Hockey team.

 In her final year, Meena was an executive prefect, being a part of the executive council. This shows that Meena displayed leadership qualities whilst at school and was well respected by her peers. Meena has not yet made her mark on the business world; Meena has many positive attributes making her an excellent role model for aspiring business women.  Meena, is hard working, determined and always 100% focused on the job at hand.  She is a team player and always pulls her weight.  These are the qualities that great leaders and great business women should possess.