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Rachel Easting and Anjali Stewart

1997 - 2001

For utilising their talent, dedication and energy, Rachel Easting and Anjali Stewart to earn a respected place in the challenging world of the fashion industry.


The founders of fashion label Twenty seven Names, Anjali Stewart and Rachel Easting who were inducted into the  WGC Business Hall of Fame 2008, recently received a $10,000 DHL Express Fashion Export Scholarship. This is designed to help emerging fashion companies interested in exporting to offset some of the costs of sending their product overseas. Kate Sylvester, one of the judges said that the winning companies had shown a mixture of creative talent and business sense, a combination which was vital to success. Twenty seven names intends to use part of the scholarship to send product to the UK. 

 Since its creation in 2006, directional label twenty-seven names has inspired a cult-like following. With art and fashion degree backgrounds respectively, designers Rachel Easting and Anjali Stewart cite contemporary art as the basis for their collections. Their label is ever-migrating and can be found nationwide as well as in stores across Australia, America and the United Kingdom.