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Ruth Pretty


For creating a multi- faceted business encompassing catering, cooking school and cookbooks for the love of good food and the hospitality which she learned at home.

Ruth Pretty, a top New Zealand chef and caterer is recognized not only for her outstanding fresh and new cuisine but for her numerous business achievements. She is regarded as the capital’s top chef, but is recognized throughout New Zealand as well as overseas.

Ruth’s involvement with New Zealand cuisine all started when she ran the ever popular restaurant Marbles, in the 1970s. Ruth ran Marbles for ten years, when she decided she needed a break from the busy restaurant. 

 In 1988 Ruth Pretty Catering was developed. Ruth Pretty Catering was a big success and still is today. Ruth Pretty Catering is involved with some of the most prestigious events in New Zealand and as well as abroad. One of Ruth’s many achievements has been her books. They include many traditional as well as new and original Ruth Pretty recipes.

 A well known achievement of Ruth’s is her amazing cooking school. Ruth Pretty Cooking School was opened in Te Horo in 1993. Ruth writes for Wellington’s Dominion Post in a weekly column as well as many feature articles for Cuisine magazine. Ruth has appeared on TV cooking shows in New Zealand and around the world representing the finest of New Zealand’s food.