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Leave your mark on WGC

When we built the Pipitea block and developed the public space on the corner of Pipitea/Murphy Sts, we wanted to have somewhere we could have our alumnae remembered. After much discussion we came up with the idea of engraved stainless panels on the front of the concrete plinths the girls sit on. These are updated as we have the names to fill or half fill a panel. 

The photos show one of the completed panels and one of all the panels in situ. It is possible to have groups engraved together – so we have friends from a  year group, or families going back over several generations and even a father and his daughters. Or you can be there on your own. The only requirement is that you are a member of the  WGC  alumnae – as a current or former student,  teacher or  Board member. If you are interested in having your name on a plaque, please contact the Principal –  and she can give you the options and the prices for each. It is a very tangible and long lasting way to leave your mark on WGC.