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Music at WGC

Music at WGC

The Wellington Girls’ College Music Department is a lively part of the school, tucked away behind and underneath the Assembly Hall stage.  Some of our co-curricular groups combine with our brother school, Wellington College, and all are directed by staff members or experienced musicians from outside the school.  Music Associates (senior students) take student leadership roles within each group.  In 2016 we are producing the musical Hairspray. 

Music will show you what to do with your life.
It is necessary to know facts, but music will enable you to see past facts to the very essence of things ...  
(Ralph Vaughan Williams)



Co-Curricular Music Groups

TEAL:  this large all comers’ choir rehearses weekly and works towards The Big Sing Regional Choral Festival, the Extravaganza in alternate years, and Prize Giving.  It sings music from a variety of genres, in 2 and 3 parts.

Director:  Nicola Sutherland (HOD Music)

Rehearsals:  in the hall, weekly on Thursdays 7.50am – 8.35 am and 1.00pm – 1.30pm

Membership Fee:  $45

TEAL VOICES:  is a group of auditioned more experienced singers and is open to girls in Years 10 – 13.  It also works towards The Big Sing Regional Choral Festival, Extravaganza in alternate years, an annual soiree and Prize Giving.  This 25 voice choir also accepts engagements to sing at other events in and out of school, and sings a large and varied repertoire, sometimes collaborating with the Wellington College Chorale.  Auditions for 2013 have already taken place but students new to the school who would like to be considered should see Ms Sutherland in Week 2, or email to arrange an audition.

Director:  Nicola Sutherland (HOD Music) 

Rehearsals: in the hall / music room, weekly on Tuesdays 4.00pm – 6.00pm.

Membership Fee:  $130

COMBINED CHOIR: this is an SATB choir which is a cooperative venture with Wellington College and is an auditioned group.  The choir works towards The Big Sing Regional Choral Festival, the Extravaganza, and the annual soiree.  Auditions for this choir are open to all year levels and will be held in February. 

Directors: Michael Fletcher (DOM Sacred Heart Cathedral) assisted by Nicola Sutherland (HOD Music WGC) and Katie Macfarlane (HOD Music Wellington College)

Rehearsals: weekly on Thursdays 4.00pm – 5.30pm, with venues alternating between WGC and Wellington College, usually on a term by term basis.

Membership Fee:  $130

ORCHESTRA: combines with Wellington College in terms 1 – 3.  The combined orchestra has approximately 80 members, and each school is also capable of performing individually.  Orchestra members need to be around Grade 2/3 level to be ready to join.  The orchestra works towards a concert for primary schools, the Extravaganza in alternate years, an annual soiree, and Prize Giving.

Director: Michael Joel

WGC liaison: Paul Maskill (Arts Co-ordinator)

Rehearsals: in the hall, or at Wellington College in the Brierly Theatre, (usually alternating venues on a term by term basis), weekly on Wednesday s 4.00pm – 5.30pm.

Membership Fee:  $130

CONCERT BAND:  also combines with Wellington College for some performances, notably the concert for primary schools, the Extravaganza and an annual soiree.  Some years it attends the National Concert Band Festival.  This group is for wind (woodwind and brass) players, guitarists, keyboard players and drummers. 

Director: Peter McClymont (with Simon Brew when the bands are combined)

Rehearsals:  in the WGC hall on Wednesdays at 8.00am and lunchtime.

Membership Fee:  $50


For general musical or curriculum enquiries please email the HOD:

For enquiries regarding Teal, Teal Voices, or Combined Choir please email:

For enquiries regarding Orchestra please email:

For enquiries regarding Concert Band please email:

For enquiries regarding Itinerant Music Lessons please email: