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The school will have 5 or 6 selected teams and no social teams. Only those who attend the trials will make a team. Teams train and play on turf during Terms 2 & 3.


All trials will take place at the National Hockey Stadium, Mt Albert Road, Berhamphore



Training times and venues will be confirmed once teams are selected and coaches appointed.

1st X1 and 2nd X1 train at the NHS

All other teams train on the WGC turf.


Commences: Week 1, Term 2
1st XI (P1):     NHS, Fraser Park, Clareville, Carterton on Friday evenings.
2nd & 3rd XI (P2):    NHS or Fraser Park on Thursday evenings

4th 5th & 6th X1: Days TBC -  NHS, Elsdon or Fraser Park 

The 1st XI team will be involved in sports exchanges and is required to attend Tournament (3rd - 7th Sept, Carterton)


1st XI, 2nd X1: Dresses provided, Gold socks, WGC black & gold socks for 1st X1  

3rd,  4 th, 5th & 6th XI: Gold playing top provided,  black skirt to be purchased

All teams: WGC hockey socks (black with gold top) can be purchased from NZ Uniforms

Own hockey stick

Shin guards, mouth guard, turf / sport shoes.

Goalies are required to play with protective gear at all times. Goalie gear can be supplied by the school if required.


$ 210  (Cost includes team registration and turf fees) There will be a $40 refund to players selected in the 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th X1. 



Registration forms must be submitted online, and payment made, by Friday 23rd Feb, 2018. 

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