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WGC has the largest number of teams of any school or club competing in the Wellington Netball Centre competition, with 43 teams competing in 2018.

Teams play either at the indoor venue at the Kilbirnie ASB Sports Arena or outdoors at the Hataitai netball courts on Saturdays. The time of the day and venue depends on the grade the team is placed. School teams play in Collegiate grades against other school teams except our top 3 teams play in the Women’s Premier Competition. Premier and College competition commences early May and goes through until the end of August. The Senior A team will compete in:
  • CSW Premier tournament - 16th May, ASB Arena
  • Lower North Island tournament - 2nd-6th Sept, Wellington
  • NZ Secondary Schools Nationals - 8th-11th October, Nelson
The Jnr A team will compete in the  CSW Junior tournament - 8th August - and the Senior A, B and Junior A teams will be involved in various interschool exchanges.


Senior A and B dresses supplied. Senior C, D and Junior A teams,  tops supplied, player’s own black skirt. All other teams – black skirts and black and gold WGC PE sports shirt, white socks and supportive shoes. Bibs,ball and gear bag are supplied to all teams and must be returned at the end of the season. 

Trials (all held at WGC)




The process begins for year 9s with a “pre-trial” run by the Sports Office during a PE class. A number of simple netball drills are completed by the small group and they are graded into 4 ability groups, 1, 2, 3 and 4. This is purely a starting point. Past netball history is not taken into account, on purpose, as many girls have possibly missed out on rep teams unfairly and vice versa. There is also a huge change physically in girls from one season to another. We like to give everyone a fair chance. This grading then gives a rough platform for the first trial.

For the first Year 9 trial, teams will be made up from the 4 groups. On the registration form, girls have been asked for their favourite 2 positions. Girls are then put into trial teams – in their first position where possible – which are made up starting from the lower group ie the 4s, and moving upwards. It is then easier to hold a player over for a later trial if she is deemed more able than the others. The same 14 girls are kept on the court for about 30mins. With about 10 mins to go, selectors stop the game and ask if girls would like to trial at another position.

Selectors – working in pairs – grade 1 – 5. Two courts run at the same time and a moderator moves between courts to ensure the selectors are marking at the same level. At the second trial the girls have then been sorted into 5 groups, and the same process is used ie start making up trial teams from the 5s and move up. Selectors grade 1-5 again but with a + and – option so when it comes to making up the teams there are 15 levels of grading and we know who is slightly better than the others.

Year 10s through to seniors are done in a similar fashion. Depending on the team they were in last year, the girls are pre-graded 1-5. Eg if they were in the Senior A, they will be 1. If they were in the Senior D, they will be graded 2, and Senior M, graded 5. Selectors then have a starting point for the trials which continue as above. There is plenty of movement between grades as girls often grow, become more co-ordinated and “find their feet” from season to season.

The netball convenors then put teams together according to the grading and feedback from the coaches from the previous year.

The Junior trials (Year 9 and 10) are completed with a mini tournament at WGC where girls are looked at again. If they are not in the right team, it will be very evident.


We use a number of very experienced selectors. If they are parents, they will not be grading their daughters in any regard. Girls get seen by a variety of selectors over the course of the trial process. Independent convenors will place girls into teams. 


Senior Trial # 1      Tues 19th Feb    3.30pm - 5.30pm  Brook Court
 Senior Trial # 2      Tues 26th Feb   3.30pm - 5.30pm Brook Court
Senior Trial # 3      Thurs 28th Feb  3.30pm - 5.30pm Brook Court

We would recommend that trialists get to at least 2 out of these 3 trials.

 Senior A & B only trial    Tues 5th March  3.30pm
 (Students will be invited to this trial)

 Those selected for the Senior A netball team, will not be permitted to play sport that competes on a Friday night during the netball season. (Please see the netball registration form for further information.)

 JUNIORS (Year 9 & 10)

Junior Trial # 1     Saturday 23rd February
                             Year 9s        9am - Noon   
                             Year 10s      1pm - 4pm

Junior Trial # 2     Saturday 2nd March 
                             Year 10s        9am - Noon
                             Year 9s          1pm - 4pm 

Junior A only trial         Monday 4th March   3.30pm 
(Students will be invited to this trial)


Year 9 & 10  WGC Grading Tournament  (held at WGC)

Saturday 16th March     8.15am – Noon 

All Year 9 & 10 players are expected to be available for this mini tournament. It is held at school. Junior players will be in provisional teams until then. Selectors will use this opportunity to ensure players have been placed accurately in teams based upon their ability and performance in trials.


  Social Teams  Year 10 – 13 students can make up their own team of 10 players (no less) plus appoint a parent manager, in consultation with the Sports Office. Social teams play in the same competition and grades as other teams. It is the responsibility of these teams to find their own coach if they want one. The team registration forms can be collected from outside the Sports Office, but each player still needs to complete their own registration  form online and pay the fee. One team form per team needs to be returned to the Sports Office. Teams will not be entered until ALL players have registered and paid. 
We are always in need of coaches and managers. Coaching support is provided before and during the season. Please indicate your interest on your daughter's registration form. Netball Wellington runs excellent coaching courses. See the details on their website and register early. Senior students who wish to coach should register their interest on the Netball Notice Board. There will be courses held at school for senior students wanting to coach. Student coaches will be expected to help at the Junior tournament on Sat 16th March and attend a short coaching clinic in the afternoon. 

UmpiringUmpiring is compulsory for Collegiate 1 grade players and above. If you are a parent who is considering doing some umpiring, please see Netball Wellington’s website for information on their umpiring courses.
Cost:               $145. This must be paid before trials.  If students are selected in a team that ends up playing outdoors at Hataitai, $20 will be refunded.


Registration Forms must be completed, and payment made, Friday 8th Feb.

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